Not a Happy Customer


If you want to order shoes for a special event, DO NOT ORDER from this site, as they cannot guarantee that the replacement shoe will be NON defective.

Not happy with this online shoe site.

I ordered 4 pairs of shoes, all the same style but in different sizes. One size came defective. I sent the defective shoe back for a return, but CAN NOT guarantee that another defective shoe will not be sent. These shoes are to be bridesmaid's shoes and we are getting too close to the event date for there to be another defective shoe to be shipped to me.

Will never order from site again and advising others to shop somewhere else if you don't have time to send back defective shoes.


Not happy.

Monetary Loss: $100. - Unable to return


I ordered two pair of boots from on Friday at 2.00 and im cancelling the order at 6.00 on Monday

The company's position is two wait for a 1 month (from previous experience) for the package to get here (spain - 4,400 miles) and then proceed with the return policy, where handling, duty and so on fees, as well as the return shipping are not returned

In summary, of a c. USD 400 order, i'll get c. USD 100 on return.

I think this is outrageos

Anything i can do to solve it?

Im thinking on blocking the payment from my bank and see what happens then

thanks in advance for your help







Interesting doulbe charge and would not refund.

Sarver, Pennsylvania

I purchased 3 pair of shoes from They double-charged me and said it was my fault.

The credited me the double charge after multiple frustrating phone calls. I had to return 2 of the 3 pair - I called first to make sure with the double charge issue it would be OK to return them. They sent me a shipping label and now they are saying that they already refunded me (the correction to the doulbe charge) and they can't refund me again. I must prove that they double charged me and refunded me only once.


Monetary Loss: $100.

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